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Postby Shadowdancers » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:15 pm

Welcome everyone this is a page geared at helping new members get a grasp on the game and allow them to gain some wisdom from older players.

First and foremost go check out the in game guide and FAQs if you haven't already.

Otherwise here is a list of what this Guide contains
Short hand and Draconis Theory language
The Dragon Sheet
Training in, and training sessions
Mutation Tendency (green bar)
MT Value
The DT Market
Forums and Rules

Short hand and Draconis Theory language

Draconis Theory- often shortened to DT
Mutation tendency/value -Often shortened to Mt
Weak, Fair, Strong, Mighty, Legendary - Often will be shorted to just the fist letter when describing a dragon i.e a strong fair mighty dragon would be called a SFM
Un-mod - refers to a dragon that has all of their modifier genes recessive leaving only the base color to show. This is often considered a desirable trait among color breeders.

Ex. of a unmod color
Base Color: Blue
-Base Color Modifiers-
Cream: cc
Red: rr
Blue: bb
Purple: pp
Green: gg
Black: zz
White: ww
Yellow: yy

Ancient - refers to the base types of dragons, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Chinese
1st level variant - This refers to the following types of dragons, Lava, Ice, Stone, Tempest and Fireworks
2nd level variant - this referse to the following types of dragons, Inferno, Equus, Jewel, Zephyr, and Celestial
FW - some Chinese breeders will use this to refer to firework dragons.

The Dragon Sheet
When you go in to a dragons page you may see a lot of stuff and you don't understand what it means. Here is a basic outline on how to read you dragons page.
(You can use this link to a dragon if you don't have something in your dragons page to see what I mean:
Temperaments: Temperaments impact how well a dragon will breed with another dragon. (For more details please check out Tealcat Caverns' chart by following this link:
Training in, and training sessions: These will allow you to get a general idea for how powerful your dragon is before you rate them. (For more info please visit Moondancer's post at
Mutation Tendency (green bar): Sometimes this will be shortened to MT when players are talking. This gives you the percentage chance a dragon has for producing a variant baby. When you breed two parents together the chance a dragon will be a variant is the average of the parent's mutation tendencies (i.e if a 100% parent breeds with a 50% parent, the odds of a variant is about 75%). You will only see the bar if you have rated your dragon.
Ratings: After your dragon has visited the Pool of Insight you will see this tab light up. Ratings go from Weak to Legendary and generally impact how well your dragon will do in battles and in training. When communicating a dragons power levels, players will sometimes use shorthand i.e my example dragon is an SSS dragon, meaning he is strong in Primal Arts, strong in Spell-Casting, and strong in Weaponry. WFW is weak in Primal Art, fair in Spell-Casting, and weak in Weaponry. Its worth noting that there is power levels even in a single rating, meaning one SSS dragon may be stronger or weaker than another SSS, so pay attention to training.

Dragons can breed once a week and can produce up to three eggs per breeding. A week resents on Monday so dragons you bred the previous week should be able to breed again each Monday.
Things to consider when breeding dragons are temperament, Mt value, color, ratings and talents.
Temperament: will determine the amount of eggs produced ( The above link will take you to a chart which indicates how many eggs a dragon of any temperament will produce with another dragon.
MT Value: This number gives you the percentage chance that your dragon will produce a variant. To figure out what the chance is for an individual breeding you will have to find the average MT value of the two parents (Add the parents MT together then divide by two). It should be noted that 2nd level variants can only be gotten by breeding 1st level or other 2nd level variants. Ancients can't produce 2nd level variants.
Ratings: Ratings are a bit harder to predict, but as a general rule the higher the rating the better the offspring will be. To keep track, pay attention to your dragons' training sessions and where each of their stats are at. Here is a good link with instructions on how to do this: Remember not all ratings are equal, even across, say, the Strong level which can lead to two SSS parents producing a FFF baby.
Colors: The colors for dragons work off of some simple genetics. A capital letter is a dominant gene, meaning a dragon will show that gene on their phenotype (their physical appearance). A lower case letter means the gene is recessive and the dragon will only show the gene if two lower case genes are present. For an in-game example a SS or Ss dragon will show stripes, however a ss will not show stripes. When it comes to breeding, a baby dragon will inherit one gene from each parent dragon. So if one parent dragon has the gene Ssand the other has ss, these dragons could produce a Ss or a ss dragon.
if your parents were SS and ss, all the babies would be Ss. There's more combinations but one basic way to keep track of all the outcomes is by using the Punnett square.

Here's how to use a Punnett square if you are unfamiliar: Draw out a 2x2 square put one parents genes down the left side and the other parents genes across the top out side of the square with each parents genes in line with one row. Then take the genes that are in line with each box one from each parent and combine them in that box to get one babies genetic possibility. Do this for all four squares to see all the possibilities. I have three examples below for reference (the boxes don't exist in my example because of formatting issues but pretend they are).

Ex1 ss mother SS father
...s s
S Ss Ss
S Ss Ss

Ex2 Ss mother SS father

...S s

Ex3 ss mother ss father

...s s
s ss ss
s ss ss

Talents: Talent dragons will be indicated by their yellow/gold claws you will also see a section in their dragon sheet called "Talent" underneath "cave". A talent is a special ability a dragon has from birth. There are eight different talents which are listed below.
Fertility - This means a dragon will always have three eggs regardless of the breeding partners temperament.
Double Strike - This means the dragon will do twice as much damage when in combat..
Regeneration - This means the dragon will regain health twice as fast over night.
Evasion - This means the dragon has a higher chance of blocking attacks when in battle.
Second Sight - This means the dragon has a higher chance of finding tracks when hunting.
Chameleon - This means a dragons color genes will change approx. every 4 hours.
Chameleon 1 - This means color genes will change between recessive and dominant and base colors will change.
Chameleon 2 - This means color genes will change between recessive and dominant but base color will not change.
Chameleon 3 - this means that only bases colors will change and everything else will stay the same.

The DT Market
These are the official comments on the DT market

Here are just some recommended prices for dragons that were negotiated on the forums that we hope are a good guideline

rateings ==Ancient: 1st level: 2nd level
WWW == 1300: 2600: 3900
WWF== 1700: 3400: 5100
WFF== 2000: 4200: 6300
FFF== 2300: 5000: 7500
FFS== 2600: 6000: 9000
FSS== 2900: 7000: 10500
SSS== 3000: 8000: 10000
MSS== 5000: 12000: 15000
MMS== 15000: 35000: 45000
MMM== 50000: 200000: 300000
LMM== 100000: 400000: 600000
LLM== 500000: 2000000: 3000000
LLL== 1000000: 4000000: 6000000

For Unrated untested dragons
Ancients = 1000 gold
1st level variants = 2000 gold
2nd level variants = 3000 gold

Add on for colors and Mt

Strips and spots add 500 gold each
Double genes dominant or recessive add 100 each including the strip and spot genes
Each unmod color adds 500 gold
For an Mt over 60% add 1000 gold
Talents add 500 gold as well
It should be noted that this isn't rules to all you players out there, it is just a courtesy that would be appreciated.
Here's what was mostly agreed upon in December 2016 in few months we should come back to discuss the prices again though so feel free to add your opinions. The link to the topic is below and there are way more comments and viewpoints to read on the whole post if you want to get more information and opinions.

Forums and Rules
Here are a bunch of links to rules and guidelines for various forums
This is just a quick link to role-play rules in case role-playing interests you. It is in the Game guide if you have read all of that already.
If you are still uncertain about something it might be a wise choice to ask one of the DT mods if it is appropriate

If you have any other questions feel free to start a new topic on the member help forum or go check out the buddy forum page
All the people here are more than willing to help with any of your problems just send one of them a PM.
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Re: Beginner Support Group

Postby Shadowdancers » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:43 pm

Stuff is now edited.
Just to be clear I can't control anything you guys do this is just a recommendation and it would be greatly appreciated by many members if you would price at these points.
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Re: Beginner Support Group

Postby Neskaya » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:41 am

*thumbs up*

An additional note - Update the first post with the link, and maybe point out to players to read through the Game Guide and the FAQ. Links to the art rules, forum rules, and roleplay rules would not go amiss either :)
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Re: Beginner Support Group

Postby Taisho! » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:19 am

Yeah, for the DT market discussion can you update the first post when you have time with the suggested prices? :D
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