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Dragon Story

Postby Flingy » Mon May 23, 2016 5:41 pm

I want to write something, soo... Yeah. xD It's probably going to be terrible, so if you stop reading after the first sentence it's fine.))

Part One: The Story Begins
Once upon a time... Yes, that's cliche. But right now, Carenth was really hoping for a "happily ever after". Humans had discovered her happy little clan, and all was not well with the universe. They'd been on the run for months, and the clan had been reduced to only ten dragons. Her sister, Chenth, was the previous clan leader. But, as Chenth had been killed in the most recent raid, Carenth now held that position.
It was the middle of January. Bitter, icy cold. Carenth flew ahead of the clan, trying to find a place to camp for the night. "Syrreth, are you okay?" she asked, looking over her shoulder for a moment. "My wings are freezing, Carenth," the shivering Zephyr replied. "I can keep going for another hour, tops." Zephyr wings are not meant to withstand extreme temperatures. And, on top of that, Syrreth was recovering from a nasty wound caused by a human arrow.
The only dragons among them that were not suffering from the cold were Llyth and Derolth, the ice dragons. Needless to say, they were all jealous.
Carenth sighed, looking around for somewhere to land. "I see a clearing. Directly in front of us, about a mile," piped up Perenth's quiet voice. "Lead the way," Carenth told her, moving aside for the young dragoness to take the lead. Perenth nodded, taking her place.
A few moments later, she dropped into a steep dive, folding her wings against her sides. She snapped open her wings at the last moment, slowing her descent. Carenth swore under her breath. She flew down to land beside the panting Wind dragon, glaring at her. "Perenth," she chided gently. "We can't be taking unnecessary risks to show off." Perenth bowed her head slightly. "Of course, Carenth."
Carenth stood, walking off. "The Hallowlight clan is not what it used to be," she said to herself with a small sigh. She looked around at the others, slightly depressed by what she saw. Then she snapped out of it. "I need two dragons to go with me to hunt," Carenth announced, spreading her wings slightly. They could go no further on empty stomachs. Llyth and Derolth stepped forward. They were the clan's strongest fighters, and Carenth had a bad feeling about leaving the camp practically unguarded. "Derolth, you may accompany me. Llyth, you stay and protect the camp." Llyth dipped her head slightly, stepping back. "Of course," she said. Though it was easy to tell that she was annoyed. Onyx walked over. "I'll come with you, Carenth," she offered. Carenth nodded. "Right. Let's go, you two." She took off, with Onyx and Derolth on her tail.

Part Two: The Attack
Carenth was exhausted. They'd been searching for hours, with absolutely no luck. It seemed that all the prey had just magically disappeared. Finally, she looked up at the sky. It was getting dark. "Let's head back, guys," she suggested. "It's getting late. Maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow." She sighed, turning around to head back to the clan. The others followed her. Suddenly, the wind shifted and she smelled something that made her mouth water. "I smell prey!" Onyx said, confirming her discovery. Carenth nodded. "Let's go!" The dragons turned towards the scent, tracking it to a cluster of buildings. "Humans," Carenth muttered angrily. They couldn't risk discovery... The clan would have to go hungry. She sighed again. "We'll get no prey here."
"But Carenth," Derolth said slowly. "There are cows in that fence! We could snatch a couple, and the humans would never be the wiser!" Carenth couldn't believe her ears. "And what if we're seen?" she asked. "What then? Would we lead them right to the clan, hmm? They'll kill all of us, Derolth. Without a second thought." She turned and was flying back towards the mountains when she realized that Derolth was no longer following. "Carenth!" Onyx cried. The clan leader turned around to see Derolth diving after the cows. She cursed under her breath, chasing him.
She heard humans shouting, and suddenly a massive net was flung at the ice dragon. He tumbled to the ground, his wings caught in the net. "No!" Carenth screamed, diving after the falling dragon. It was too late by the time she got there. Derolth had broken his neck in the fall, and he lay there dying when she reached him. The humans shouted at her, and one threw a spear that embedded itself in her shoulder. Carenth roared in pain, spreading her wings awkwardly and flying off.
Blood trickled down her leg, and she knew the wound was bad. But she gritted her teeth and ignored the pain. "Are you alright, Onyx?" Carenth asked, her voice strained. "I am," the timid tempest replied. "But you're hurt. We need to get you back to the clan." She appeared to be in shock. Carenth was, too. Derolth was like a little brother to all of them. And now he was gone.
Carenth nodded numbly. It was a half-hour's flight back to the camp. Carenth crash-landed in the middle of the clearing, and was instantly surrounded by a small crowd of dragons. "Get back!" the old healer, Sorrelth, growled. Onyx circled overhead, looking for somewhere to land.

Part 3:To Move Or Not To Move
The dragons backed up a few steps, giving Sorrelth space to work. Onyx perched in a tree overlooking the clearing, watching anxiously. "Cinder, help me move her inside," Sorrelth said, after looking Carenth over. The clan leader moaned weakly, her eyes half-closed. She was carried to the small cave that the healer had adopted as her den. Sorrelth tended to the wounded dragoness for over an hour, then left to attempt to calm the clan. The crowd hadn't moved from directly in front of the Healer's den. "She's sleeping," the old dragon assured them. Llyth spoke. "Where's Derolth?" Onyx finally flew down from the tree, landing next to Sorrelth. "I'm sorry, Llyth," she said quietly. "No..." the dragoness said, shaking her head. Derolth had been her brother. They were part of the same clutch. Icy tears slid down her face.
"Was it the humans?" Llyth asked. Onyx nodded silently. "I'm sure I speak for Carenth, as well, when I say we need to move as soon as possible."
"Again?" "We can't run forever." "The humans are just going to find us again!" The clan clamored. Their noise woke Carenth, who struggled to her feet and limped to the cave entrance. "You should be resting," Sorrelth warned. "No," Carenth said. She looked at her clan. "I agree with Onyx. We need to move again. This place has no prey anyways." She turned to look towards the mountains, not far east of them. She knew they had to go there. Beyond the mountains... That was where her parents had come from. They'd always said that there could be no winter there. Prey was always plentiful, and there were no humans. "We need to go beyond the mountains."
The clan mumbled and whispered amongst themselves. "Are you crazy?" Syrreth finally said, looking up at Carenth. "How can you expect us to survive a journey like that?" The rest of the clan agreed. "And how do you expect to survive here?" Carenth snapped. "There's no prey!" Anger rose within her.

Part 4: A Clan Divided
That didn't calm the clan or make them any more open to her idea. Syrreth grumbled dangerously. Onyx stood beside her clan leader, growling under her breath and looking from Syrreth to the other dragons. "You need to listen to Carenth!" Onyx said. "If we stay here, we will all die! All of us! Do you want the Hallowlight clan to be lost forever? Not even remembered except as cowards who were too afraid to do what it took?" Carenth watched. She was sort of interested to see where this would go... The mutinous grumbling from the crowd continued. Finally, a dragon spoke up. One of the biggest in the group, a fire dragon named Shamilth. "I believe we should go over the mountains," he said quietly, stepping forward. The clan continued to mumble amongst themselves. "If Carenth and Onyx are going, I shall accompany them." Perenth stepped forward as well. "Me, too," she said, unwilling to be forgotten. Sorrelth emerged from her cave, having heard the commotion. "I suppose there's no harm in trying," she said with a determined smile. Syrreth shook her head. "You are going to your deaths!" she cried, backing up. "You won't drag me with you." Llyth looked from Syrreth to Carenth, then went to stand beside the little zephyr. "I cannot leave," she said numbly. Her brother had died here. How could she leave?
Carenth watched this, feeling as if her heart was breaking as she watched her clan be torn apart. But what could she do? At least the dragons that accompanied her would survive...
The rest of the clan made their decision. It was roughly half of the dragons with Carenth, and the other half staying with Syrreth. Carenth, Onyx, Shamilth, Perenth, and Sorrelth would leave. Syrreth, Mirrath, Cinder, Kindil, Inilth, and Wic were staying.
The very next morning, Carenth and the others prepared to leave, despite Sorrelth's desperate pleading with her to stay a day longer. "You are not strong enough!" she said, but of course, Carenth didn't listen. They left just after dawn, all five of them.

Part 5: The Mountains
Carenth flew ahead of the group, on the lookout for any danger. She heard the others talking quietly amongst themselves, but somehow couldn't find the energy required to be curious. Perhaps she should have heeded Sorrelth's advice and waited another day... But then there was the risk that they'd die of starvation before they reached the other side of the mountains. Heck, they could still die before they reached the mountains. Sorrelth was already struggling to keep up with them. So what was a little pain?
Onyx sped up a bit to fly beside her clan leader. "It wasn't your fault," the young tempest said finally. Carenth glanced sideways at her. "What wasn't my fault?" she asked. "The clan splitting up. It was bound to happen, Carenth. It just happened a bit sooner than we thought it would."
Carenth was silent, and eventually Onyx went back to fly with the others.
A few minutes later, Carenth grinned slightly. Prey! She smelled prey! Scanning the forest below her, she saw a herd of deer. Her mouth watered.
She flicked her tail to alert the clan to the presence of the deer. Perenth nodded, as did Onyx and Shamilth. Carenth stretched out her claws, dropping into a steep dive to catch one of the deer. She got it, feeling its warm body go limp in her grip. But because of her injury, she wasn't able to snap her wings out in time to slow her descent. She crashed for the second time in as many days. Perenth, who had been right beside her, forgot all about the deer and landed beside her clan leader. "Carenth?" she asked worriedly. "Are you okay?" The lava dragon dragged herself to her feet. "I'm fine." She shook herself, sending snow flying everywhere. Then she grabbed the deer, limping off. The rest of the clan was focused on hunting, but Carenth's mind was on the intense, throbbing pain she felt in her shoulder. Sorrelth, who had seen the crash, landed beside Carenth. "You are a stupid, stupid dragon," Sorrelth scolded, examining her shoulder. "You have to be careful with these things! What if you'd reinjured it? Where would we be then, hm?" Carenth was silent, trying to block the old healer out. Sorrelth growled. "Why do I even bother?" she grumbled, walking off. "Not like you are going to listen."
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby Le Puissant Dragon » Tue May 24, 2016 5:46 am

Ohhh, I'm intrigued 0.0 Well done, this is great :D
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby Tuatha Dudainen » Tue May 24, 2016 6:49 am

Oh keep it going! I am gonna tell Bananamunkey about this :)
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby Flingy » Tue May 24, 2016 11:19 am

Whoops. Found a mistake. xD I shall fix it. >:3
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby Flingy » Tue May 24, 2016 11:22 am

Tuatha Dudainen wrote:Oh keep it going! I am gonna tell Bananamunkey about this :)

Oh, and please do. :D
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby Diamond Fields » Tue May 24, 2016 2:21 pm

I love it. Keep going!
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby ~Royal Pacifica~ » Tue May 24, 2016 2:24 pm

I think this is really good. Id love to read more!
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby KnowTheLingo » Thu May 26, 2016 1:59 am

I'm really intrigued by this! Keep going!

Or I'll find you..

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And do absolutely nothing xD
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby Flingy » Thu May 26, 2016 4:24 pm

I want to continue this as much as you guys want me to lol So... I'm going to write part two now! :D No guarantees it'll be as good as the first part, though!
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Re: Dragon Story

Postby RavenFlight » Sat May 28, 2016 10:59 pm

yes, please continue, the story is very good! :)
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