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Derolth's life

Postby Riolais » Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:38 am

Not from the author:
This story begins during "Part Two" in Flingy's Topic "Dragon Story" Enjoy.
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Re: Derolth's life

Postby Riolais » Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:04 pm


During the commotion among the humans in the village an old hermit by the name of O'Bradic hobbled to the ice dragon, renown for his talent in magic and sorcery. The sea of villagers parted, the crowd slowly fell silent once the dragons had flown away. O'Bradic had supplied the net to capture this dragon, trading his own peace and tranquility for protection to the town against mythical beasts. What the villagers didn't know, however, was what he did with those mythical beasts once they had been slain.

O'Bradic paced around the dragon, inspecting the scales and wings of the deceased, "Good, the hide is intact." He stated, once he saw no wounds, he turned to the villagers, "Feast upon the meat and bury the bones, I'll have the hide to save your homes." The silly little villagers loved his rhymes, that was probably the reason why they respected him as a warlock. He reached into his cloak and presented a small orb. He held it high as it slowly glowed with a blue light, almost white. When the inside swirled with an ethereal cloud he hid it in his cloak once again and hobbled off back to his hut hid in the woods. That night the darkness was gifted by cheers and music and dancing. A farmer and his oxen brought the skin of Derolth to the hermit's hut. Without the exchange of words or pleasantries O'Bradic offered a quiver of enchanted arrows as the farmer deposited the treated skin and brought it inside. Once mounted upon O'Bradic's wall he withdrew the glowing and swirling orb lifting it to the empty eye of the dragon skin before pausing and glaring back at the farmer watching at the door. The man stood a little straighter as he blinked and walked back to his cart, wondering why the cloud in the orb had split down the middle. Back in O'Bradic's hut the warlock pressed the orb into the hole of the dragon's eye, fitting quite nicely. The wizard stepped back and smiled, "I apologize for the actions of the villagers, they are terrified of things they don't understand, and don't worry, while you may not be able to move the villagers will soon need me once again and your services will benefit both parties involved." The slit within the orb danced about the room, learning its confines before returning once again to the wizard, meeting his gaze.

Chapter 1

Time passed, O'Bradic was left alone in his small hut, Derolth left in his skin with the wispy eye glancing around the room. He'd sigh if he could, there wasn't much to do as an ornament in a warlock's home. Just mostly sit there and wait, O'Bradic had promised Derolth he'd be of some use, but he had never thought of such a dismal use of his 'life' hung as though he'd been hunted.
A villager burst through the door, male, a bit on the older side though nowhere near O'Bradic's ancient age. "Manticore... hurry... my son." Was all he could ramble out between his gasps and his tears.
O'Bradic stood and pulled Derolth from the hangar he was set on, "You have use my friend, go and be with your son, before he meets his end." O'Bradic stated with a commanding wave of his hand. The man paused a moment, panting and looking between the warlock and the small orb in his hand, tears running rivers down his cheeks. He soon turned and ran down the hill once more. O'Bradic lifted the orb to eye-level. "Now, you will receive a body again, my apologies it won't be as majestic as your own, but I will make good on my promise." He stated, as he slipped Derolth's consciousness into his satchel as he followed the man at a lumbering pace. The warlock cursed his age and hip.

O'Bradic burst through the door of the hut. The parents were crying, the mother had the son in her arms while the father had his hand pressed to his lips. The front of the boys shirt was stained in red and the mark of the manticore lay in his shin. Derolth would have some trouble removing the berry stains from the boys shirt, but the wound in his leg and the venom in his veins O'Bradic could fix. "Out, let the wizard work it through." He stated, not bothering to make a rhyme just to give himself a little more time. The family hurried out of the hut as O'Bradic approached with the orb. The wispy eye turned to look up at the wizard, what could this boy possible give such a mighty creature? O'Bradic smiled at Derolth, such an odd gift knowledge was, it would never be treasured without the pathway leading up to its discovery. O'Bradic placed Derolth on the boy's chest before he began waving his staff and hand in turn, both beginning to glow as he began to weave the unseen powers of his spell. Derolth felt odd, like he was being constrained but flying at the same time; then he realized the orb he had resided in was melting.
O'Bradic sighed once the spell was finished, resting against the frame of the bed. The boy on it looked down at him "O'Bradic?" He asked only a winds breath above a whiesper, "What are you doing here?" O'Bradic looked up at the boys eyes, only now just returning to normal.
"I was fulfilling a promise to a friend." He stated. The old man stood up, resting a hand on the boys chest. "Come in, he'll survive." The family returned to the tent and cried out as they swarmed their nearly lost son. He smiled, but it would take him a moment to gather his thoughts. "When the celebrations are over bring the boy to my tower." O'Bradic stated, turning for the door. Derolth would need a bit of help dealing with the villagers who slew him.

O'BradI walked back to his hut as he waited the boys return. He mumbled to himself as he thought of the spell he had used, hadn't the boy perished from the venom? If so why was Derolth so happy to see the boys family? Perhaps dragons were more complex than he had previously thought. He walked into his hut and looked at the skin that once held Derolth's soul, the dragon may want to do something with it he'd best keep it available. The old wizard hobbled around his home before finding his way to the chair where he sat and puffed on his pipe as he rocked and waited for the return of the dragon.
O'Bradic jolted when there was a knock at the door, he muttered as he got up and went to answer, still cursing his age and hip. He pulled the door open and glared at Derolth standing before him. "Come in." The warlock stated after making sure there was no one there, "I'm sure you have questions." He said, walking back inside as the dragon followed, Derolth even shut the door for him while the warlock found his way back to his rickety chair. "Now before you begin I know this form might not suit you at first, but it will grow to fill your previous magnificence. You will develop your previous abilities and regain your old strength. Do you have any questions for me?" O'Bradic asked, leaning back in his creeky chair and puffing his pipe.
Derolth rubbed the back of his neck, "um... yeah, what previous magnificence?" He asked as he looked at the warlock.
O'Bradic stopped mid rock and looked up at the boy before him, "What is your name?" He asked, the interest of fury returning to his voice.
"Arawhi," the boy stated, "why?"
O'Bradic surged from his chair grunting and lurching forward when his hip scolded him for standing too quickly, "A-Arawhi?" O'Bradic asked, Arawhi hurried to help his elder stand only to be cast off, "A dragon does not...!" O'Bradic stopped himself, he wasn't looking at a majestic dragon, just some boy who happened to have inherited the soul of one such being. O'Bradic moved to his tomes as he thumbed through them, "where did I go wrong?" He questioned as he scoured the tomes for the one piece he had missed that had resulted in the ensnarement of the soul of such a magnificent creature.
"Warlock." A grumbling voice sounded behind him.

O'Bradic whipped around staring into the eyes of Arawhi, though they lacked the boys wide-eyed innocence. O'Bradic leaned forward, "Derolth?" He asked as he looked into the almost flaming eyes.
"Though whoever you put me in is fighting valiantly to say no, yes, I am Derolth, the dragon that was slain." He paused as he slowly looked at his hands and wiggled his fingers, "And now you will tell me exactly what you did and what this entails." He held up his fat fingers for the warlock to see.
O'Bradic nodded as quickly as his aged neck would allow, "Of course, of course, though I need to sit down." He paused before looking at the new Derolth, "Would you like a seat as well?" He asked the dragon turned boy.
Derolth bent forward and sat on the floor, "Only if you insist." He stated looking up at the ancient warlock.
O'Bradic looked at Derolth and gestured to a chair near his, "Wouldn't you be more comfortable in a seat?" He asked, unsure if it was respectful to keep ones head lower than a dragons.
Derolth looked over at the chair and paused, as though in thought, "The boy says he would be." He stated almost as though his mind were elsewhere before turning back to Derolth, "But here is fine." Derolth leaned forward and set his arms on his knees, "Will the human who inhabits this body always be pestering me from my thoughts?" Derolth asked, his head tilted lightly as he asked the question.
O'Bradic sighed as he went to sit in his chair, reaching for his pipe as he replied, "No, Arawhi will slowly fade out of existence, he will grow weaker and..."
Derolth shot to his feet, for a moment his expression was that of pure terror before he hissed and clamped his mouth shut, after battling once again for control he sat once again and continued to glare until Arwahi was quiet once again, "He better, the boy is proving to be quite a nuisance."
O'Bradic nodded, "Two souls inhabiting one body, the stronger will eventually overcome the weaker of the two." O'Bradic muttered as he listened to Derolth's complaint.
"That is another question, this body, it has no protection, no armor, not to mention no strength or any possibility of defending itself. Will I always have it?" He asked, unsure if it was just another vessel or was the promise O'Bradic had intended.
The warlock shook his head, "No, as Arawhi fades the body will shift and become more and more suitable to something of your nature." O'Bradic stated
Derolth nodded as he looked around the room, "Will you teach me your magicks?"

O'Bradic turned to gaze at Derolth, a dragon, a creature of majesty that left scholars dumbfounded and sent warriors squealing back to their mothers, wanted to learn magic from O'Bradic. "Oh, well, uh." O'Bradic bit his tongue, he needn't make a fool of himself by speaking before he had formulated an answer, "I would be honored." He stated.
Derolth nodded before standing he shook himself 'Why not just use your hands? Derolth blinked and looked down at his hands, though he soon turned back to The warlock, 'Using ones forepaws to dust off is a ludicrous idea, even if they are hands' "Let us begin." He said with a slight growl.
O'Bradic looked up at Derolth with a blank expression, his rocking slowed for a minute before he regained his composure. "Right well, yes. What do you already know of magic?" He asked the dragon standing before him.
Derolth blinked at the warlock, "That the humans who lack the ability to wield a spear or bow use it to combat dragons and creatures." Derolth didn't know where this was going. 'Probably going to ask you if you used magic'
O'Bradic nodded, "You are correct, humans do use it to fight." He paused a moment to puff on his pipe, Derolth tilted his head slightly in thought, did this man secretly hope to one day become a dragon? He seemed to already take great pride in making the largest clouds of the aromatic smoke. 'I actually think it kind of smells, but you do have a point, he seems to really like you just because you're a dragon.' "But have you ever tried to use it before today?" 'Yup'
Derolth scoffed, "Of course not, I would freeze my enemies and be done with them." He had been an ice dragon before, there was no need for silly spells or books.
O'Bradic's eyes lit up, "We shall start there then, since you are familiar with the cold and ice already you may be able to learn ice magicks faster than you would fire or nature magicks." O'Bradic stated.
"Then teach me." Derolth leveled his gaze at the wizard, 'Hey, be nice, you're supposed to respect your teachers' he had little time for respect or pleasantries, especially with the remains of this human residing within him. Derolth glanced to his old skin, 'I think it's the other way around.' Derolth's fist clenched as his arm shook, Arawhi was becoming infuriating.
O'Bradic nodded as he thought, "Right, right, we'll start with the ice ball." O'Bradic stated, he held up his hand as fog gathered in his palm while he spoke, "Focus on pulling the heat out of the air, you need to remain calm and collected since any heat will prevent ice from forming."
Derolth nodded, he breathed as he held out his hand, he needed to be calm so he could finally have some defense. Arawhi fell silent, though Derolth could feel the glee radiating from his body-mate. He turned to the ice ball and focused as he watched fog slowly begin to gather in his palm, Arawhi's excitement only built as the spell slowly developed and soon Derolth growled with impatience, making the developing ball fizzle out. He glared at the warlock, "Get this child out of my head!" He demanded. 'that's not very nice to say. Besides, I could do it better.' Arawhi responded.
O'Bradic just shrugged, "I can't do anything, it will take time." There really wasn't anything he could do.
Derolth's rage slowly died down as he blinked before turning back to his hand, soon the ball of ice was within his grasp, "Ha! See? I told you!" Arawhi shouted pumping his fist and accidentally throwing the ball of ice. it shattered against a vase and knocked it over.
O'Bradic's eyes bulged as he watched it fall, a quiet breathing could be heard as the ornament shattered.

O'Bradic turned to the boy, he pushed his palm as a gust of air threw him backwards. Arawhi landed rather hard on his rear as he stared at the warlock fearfully, the old man surged foward, he towered over the boy. "Do you have any idea what you've just done!" He shouted, "Because you took control from the dragon you have unleashed Dinstyr no one is safe!" He shook the boy by his collar before needing to release him and lean heavily on his staff to catch his breath. "I need to-" O'Bradic's eyes went wide before he fell to one side, a small kitchen knife embedded in his back.
"O'Bradic!" Arawhi calley as he rushed forward to catch the wizard, he searched for any other flying cutlery but only caught sight of the shutters blow open to draw the curtains into the cold night air.
"F-free the dragon." O'Bradic wheezed, he opened his mouth to say something else but only his last breath washed between his blanching lips.
*What will you do now?* Derolth asked the original possessor of their body.
"I-I don't know." He said his hands visibly shaking before Derolth sized control, "We must do something, else I'll never be rid of you." Derolth stated as he started pacing, a habit he had acquired from Arawhi.
*We'll have to help the villagers, whatever was in that urn could kill again.* Arawhi stated, trying to be helpful for a change.
"And why would we help a village full of humans? Even the ones who killed me?" Derolth paused a moment before turning to his skin, "Look at how majestic I used to be, reduced to hardly anything more than a floor mat." He was not happy, but what more could he do?
Arawhi could see still but his thoughts were elsewhere, *How hard are your scales?* he asked
Derolth paused and looked up in thought, "I would guess they're stronger than human armor. Wh...?! Oh no I am not wearing my own skin as armor." He said, taking a step back, "I would never desecrate any of the dead, much less my own body!"
Arawhi sighed, "We need something to protect ourselves with, you don't want to die again do you?" He scolded.
** Derolth said, trying to think of another way they could protect themselves against a phantasmic foe.
"If you have any other ideas you better tell me now, I'm gonna do this." He stated turning towards Derolth's skin.
*I can't think of anything better.* derolth stated begrudgingly, *let's make some armor*
Arawhi smiled as he approached the skin. As he reached his hand out to remove the deceased from his stand the head turned to look at them. Both Arawhi's and Derolths eyes grew wide. They could only stand and watch as the skin ballooned and slipped off the stand. It turned towards them as it stalked forward, it's limbs still flat as they flopped against the ground as it seemed to fill with air.
*what do we do?* Derolth asked, gawking at his once body.
"Run." Was all Arawhi offered before turning and bolting for the door.
The skin surged forward but stumbled over it's boneless limbs as it's head impacted with the floor, it sounded more like a Robin touching down on wood, the leftover teeth clacking against the wooden floor of the late warlocks hut. Arawhi and Derolth were gone before the skin could travel at any decent speed.

Arawhi panted as he ran, glancing over his shoulder to see if the hide of Derolth had managed to follow them, it seemed to struggle with the door before discovering it's need to be smaller, Arawhi turned to glare at the trail appearing mere moments before him as he did his best not to stumble. He could almost hear the no longer lifeless husk exhale as it released access air out of its body to squeeze through the door.
*It will need to inflate once more before it can resume pursuit.* Derolth stated remaining calm and collected, *that will give us time to warn the others of Dinstyr*
*Oh, so now you care about humans?* Arawhi asked, managing to find a bit of extra energy aside from his fear and building exhaustion to harass his phantasmic guest.
Dreolth growled mentally, *I hate humans less than this Dinstyr.* he stated bluntly, *I don't care for those who killed me but the Dinstyr has stolen my chance at life and it needs to pay.*
Arawhi had nothing to say, he was too busy staring. The entire village was on fire. Only the muffled flapping behind him forced him forward, *What happened?* Arawhi pondered as he hurried through the village.
*I was with you this whole time, ask someone else.* Dreolth stated, more concerned with the flopping behind tham than the burning village.
Arawhi stopped a man to ask, his mouth open to form words before he caught sight of the assailant. An animated suit of armor wielding an enchanted blade. *The Dinstyr?* Arawhi gaped, it could not be controlling the armor and what was left of Derolths body. The armor turned and brought it's blade to bear as it paused. Arawhi looked back and caught sight of the husk, also paused though it was soon advancing. The clinking of the armor stole Arawhi's attention to find it to was charging.
The conjoined fright of sharp metal objects forced the pair to turn on their heels and run for the skin. The dragon hide unraveled and opened before Arawhi cried out and plunged into its empty embrace.

As the darkness cleared from Awrahi's vision he could feel something against his skin. It was soil. A faint blue light reflected off the ground as her lifted his head. Derolth's skin was gone. As Arawhi pondered this fact his body moved without his command. A sword dug into the soil near him as the light passing above it shimmered from the heat of the enchanted metal. Arawhi scrambled away from the phantom armor as it pulled the blade from the sweltering ground, several clumps of dirt fell from the glowing blade as it was turned to point at Arawhi.
"Creature from the infernal pit, I will cleanse your body." The voice flowing from the hollow armor sounded as though it were powered by wind.
Arawhi had no words, his face and body were frozen in fear. His life had been threatneed twice in one day, both by beings of the next plane, and he had no means of which to defend himself.
Arawhi's face shifted to a sneer as Derolth seized control. "You're one to talk." The dragon said as he rolled to his feet.
A watchful eye was kept on the phantom armor to keep him at a safe distance. Arawhi did note that Derolth's statement was very true, both of them could be seen as a child of the inferno that held many monsters and evil spirits. The armor said little else as it stood poised for battle. *Derolth, what are going to do?* Arawhi asked, *We don't have any weapons or armor.*
Derolth huffed, *O'Bradic did teach you magic.*
*I don't know how to use it like this, I had to concentrate on just generating a small ball of ice.* Arawhi was in quite a state of distress.
*so focus on making a stream of ice instead.* Derolth stated, the armor drove his sword forward and Derolth lunged out of the way.
*what was that?* Arawhi asked, Derolth's head and body twisted as Arawhi's frantic state wrestled for control. There was quite a large something attached at three points on their back.
Derolth's eyes went wide as he stepped backward and brought a claw up to deflect Dinstyr's sword away from their neck, *not now!* Derolth grunted as the armor slipped out of reach before Derolth could retailiate.
"Hmm, two spirits in one body. That would be quite detrimental, to have both engaged in battle, quite the internal conflict I would imaging." The Dinstyr chuckled to himself, "I couldn't have asked for better sabotage." He lunged again as Derolth leapt to the side. Arawhi turned to look at the creature on their back before his attention was caught by a blade sliding against his cheek, he gasped as a paw was raised to investigate the trickle of blood. Arawhi was enraptured by the deep blue appendage before Derolth jumped to one side, their other paw against the flat of the heated blade, *ARAWHI!* Derolth shouted, a gash forming on their side as the human slipped to the back of the mind, they were in quite a bit of danger.
The armor laughed, "look at you! You can hardly move without arguing, can't you two agree on anything?" He asked, his voice still empty but it whistled with energy.
Derolth growled as he shifted his weight on two legs, it was the worst position, his belly was exposed and there was nothing they could do to defend against the sword of the Dinstyr, they would die here, again.
Arawhi was slowly putting everything together before he slipped forward, *concentrate on not getting hit, I have an idea.*
*what do you think I've been trying to do?* Derolth growled as he rolled out of the way of The Dinstyr's sword.
*argue, now concentrate.* Arawhi said as he began to do as Derolth had said, form a stream of ice.
Derolth watched the armor as he felt Awarhi build ice inside of them. The armor looked at them as they worked before advancing, it lunged with his sword though it only served to distract Derolth before the armors metal fist impacted with his muzzle. Derolth growled and gripped the offending piece before he was given a new gash on his forearm. Derolth hissed as he pushed the body of armor forward releasing the metal arm to grab the sword arm. Dinstyr brought his newly free limb to impact bluntly with Derolth's side, pushing chilled air from his lips as he pressed the armor towards the ground.
*there!* Arawhi announced proudly as Derolth took a breath before exhaling powerfully. Ice flowed from his maw and coiled around the armor. The fist pistoning against their side slowed till it stuck firm and the armor ceased moving. Derolth shook the frozen armor to feel the arm plate shatter beneath his grip, the sword fell to pierce the helm as Dinstyr shrieked, the rest of the armor soon crumbled, leaving only the sword as the evil spirit spiraled higher and dispersed.
(End of chapter 1)
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Re: Derolth's life

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Re: Derolth's life

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I also wanted to add anyone who does read this can post what they would like to happen in the story, a week before I add more I'll ask for a vote and whichever idea gets the most will be added. (Authors vote counts as 3, unless it would result in a tie. In which case tie goes to the readers.)
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Re: Derolth's life

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I love this! So creative! :)
As of now, I have no ideas that I would like you to consider. Stupid writer's block... But you're doing a great job!
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Re: Derolth's life

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Re: Derolth's life

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ooooh, i love this! please write more! :)
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Re: Derolth's life

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Dude, keep going! Keep going! I'm well intrigued!
Is this a sidetrack of Flingy's posts? Derrolth is the name of a deceased dragon in Flingy's story. Just that it sounded familiar.
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Re: Derolth's life

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Waiting patiently. Lol
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Re: Derolth's life

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*sits down by Flingy and accidentally falls asleep*
People, you're supposed to read this!!!
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